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14 May '20

Covid-19 Level 2

Posted by Theresa Cabot

Covid-19  Level 2 Shopping at Degas 

We are excited to open Degas to our Valued customers – we’ve missed you! We’re serious about keeping you safe, and we’re strictly observing Level 2 protocols. This is what you will experience when you visit us.

We have a table inside our entrance, with hand sanitizer and latex gloves. Please sanitize your hands on entry. The gloves are optional. We will be observing 1 metre distancing. This is not usually an issue on Degas, but we may remind you if appropriate. Please feel safe to try on garments. We are cleaning our changing rooms after each use. Our scarves are changed after each use – just drop it in the basket provided when you’re finished.

We’ve got paywave – but it’s only up to $200. We have a safety protocol around using the eftpos machine though! We’ll key in the amount – then we’ll step away. You can use a pen or the corner of your card to enter your PIN.

We are sanitizing the keypad after each use. Please just talk to us if you’re unsure about how to proceed. We want you to feel safe when you are shopping at Degas.

Contact Tracing Tennyson Street businesses have registered with local business Webfox, so when you’re shopping you need only scan your phone over the code in the window – easy! All you need to do is register www.webfox.co.nz as a customer. Then you’re good to go!

Otherwise, we will write your name and contact number is our diary – in the unlikely event that you need to be traced. This information will not be used for any other purpose. We hope you’re as excited as we are. 

Theresa, Gill and Jan